Sounds from the Harbor


Sounds from the Harbor

Marco Tindiglia – guitar

Andy Sheppard – sax 

Masa Kamaguchi – double bass
Michele Rabbia – electronics and percussion

Sounds of the Harbor is the latest project from the guitarist Marco Tindiglia. It is tghe fruit of his close interaction with his city and of a long collaboration with the three musicians who appear with him on the CD.

Tha album contains ten original pieces and one cover. It is a mix of traditional and experimental music, in which the melodic sax of Sheppard, the intense percission of Rabbia, the deep double bass of Kamaguchi, and the minimalist guitar of Tindiglia, creata quartet whose cohesion is reflected in the structural equilibrium of the pieces and which  charaterises the entire album ‘Sounds from the Harbor’.

‘Porto Antico, in Genoa, is where my studio is based, and the port is part of my daily routine’ says Tindiglia. ‘It was natural for me to champion its sounds and transmit them to Michele Rabbia; an expert alchemist.  Then, I had the idea of using these sounds to make an album. And, like Rabbia, Andy Sheppard being from Bristol (UK), and Masa Kamaguchi from Hokkeido (Japan), are also very familiar with ports.

It was simply fantastic to record Sound of the Harbor with them.

Marco Tindiglia

Musician, teacher and composer, Marco Tindiglia graduated from Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), in Professional music, in1991. Studying in the meantime with Charlie Banacos and Jeryy Bergonzi, and creating strong ties with a variety of artists with whom he later had the opportunity to collaborate with.

He has played with, among others, Dennis Irwin, George Garzone, The Philharmonic String Quartet, Karl Berger, Matt Renzi, Matt Garrison, Michel Benita, Piero Leveratto, and Rita Marcotulli.

Since 2004, he has been the artictic director of the Gezmataz Festival & Workshop jazz festival in Genoa.

His last CD, ‘Sounds of the Harbor’, was produced together with Andy Sheppard,  Masa Kamaguchi, and Michele  Rabbia, and is a homage from the musician to his city, Genoa.

Andy Sheppard

ECM artist, Andy Sheppard is on Europe’s of the most important saxophonists. After having listened to John Coltrane at the age of nineteen, he started start to get close to jazz, and in the mid 1980s released his debut disc, “Andy Sheppard” which was an immediate success with both critics and the public, and which earned him numerous awards.

While his international reputaion grew, he dedicated himself to personal projects. He has collaborated with the greatest jazz artists and is highly sought after, both as a composer and as a performer.

He is one of the few soloists to have played in the big bands of the three greatest composers and arrangers since the war: Carla Bley, George Russel, and Gil Evans.

Masa Kamaguchi

Masa Kamaguchi, double bass player of Japanese origin, attended  Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) at the beginning of the 1990s. During his time in Boston he had the opportunity to collaborate with George Garzone, Hal Crook, and Herb Pomeroy. In 1994, he moved to New York, where he soon became one of the most sought after double bass players; playing with, among others, Toots Thielemans, Ben Monder, David Murray, Dave Douglas, and Paul Motian. He has lived in Barcelona since 2006.

Michele Rabbia

Michele Rabbia is a percussionist who is able to turn any object into  musical instrument. His performances are charaterised by his ability to transmit a strong emotional impact. His music floats between contemporary, electronic, and improvisational music, but is never the same. He has played with, among others, Stefano Battaglia, Daniele Roccato, Louis Sclavis, Paul McCandless, Paolo Fresu, Masa Kamaguchi, Antonello Salis, Maria Pia De Vito, and Marc Ducre, He has also collaborated in dance performances with Virgilio Sieni, Teri Janette Weikel, and George Rossi. He has performed in China, India and the USA.