A new network for art music

A new network for music Sistema Musica Genova was created in 2019 and it is set up as a new network for the promotion and appreciation of the activites (events, concerts, festivals – large and small, seasons) orgainised by eight associations which operate in Genoa, in the sphere of music, with the intension of being a vehicle for culture.

This project sets out to be a single notice-board shared by all of the member associations:

  • Associazione Musicaround
  • Associazione Culturale Pasquale Anfossi
  • Associazione Collegium Pro Musica
  • Associazione Amici di Paganini
  • Associazione Culturale Echo Art
  • Associazione Gezmataz
  • Associazione Il Gioco dell’Arte
  • Associazione Forevergreen FM

Different sectors are included in the program, from antique music, vocal music, classical music, to contempory music; from electronic music to jazz and world music; ranging from concerts with music from the epoc, to theatre performances, dance, visual arts and performing arts

Along with the concerts, in which nationally and internationally important artists and ensembles perform, the associations also organize educational activities and training for both adults and children, workshops, seminars, conferences, book presentations, plus showing films and short films.

All of these activities take place in the main historic artistic and museum locations in Genoa (Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Tursi, Porto Antico, Palazzo del Principe, Palazzi dei Rolli, churches, monasteries, oratoria, sancturies) and involve, on many occassions, other leading business partners, such as Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura and Genoa University.

On the Sistema Musica Genova website it is possible:

  • to see a complete calendar of the theatre events and concerts
  • to find detailed information regarding festivals and the events programs of teh respective associations.

Sistema Musica Genova is open to other Genoa associations, and cultural und music organisations, which have shared profiles and objectives, and which wish to actively collaborate in the creation of an open network; a network withseeks to promote and encourage the development of appropriate management strategies for communication, information and marketing, and which intend to open . Una rete che vuole promuovere e incoraggiare lo sviluppo di adeguate strategie di gestione di comunicazione, informazione e marketing e intend to open a constant and continuos forum which generates oppurtunites to meet, and incentives for mutual comparison and reciprical exchanges.