Motus Laevus


Tina Omerzo – vocals, piano, keyboard

Edmondo Romano – soprano sax, clarinet, chalumeau, whistle, zurne, cornamuse

Luca Falomi – acoustic guitar, classical guitar, 12 string guitar

Loris Lombardo – darabouka, hand drum, tabla, kanjira, doholla, cajon, pandiero


Motus Laevus has many meanings and interpretations in Latin. Translated literally, it means “inverse movement”, but it can also mean “anticlockwise” or “left-handed”, also in the positive sense that Latin people attribute to the Orient.


Everything and the contrary of everything, underlining the fact that words, like music, contain within them multiple directions and forms in time and space; a world without boundaries.


Within the Motus Laevus project many elements coexist naturally: the sounds and languages of antique and modern instruments, both acoustic and electric; original compositions and traditional pieces, all in a melting pot where world music draws close to contemporary jazz; Slovenian songs and European culture blend with North African and Oriental dance; Eastern compositions from ancient times become mingled with Middle Eastern, Greek and Turkish scales.  In this “Motus” (movement) everything evolves and transforms with each interpretation that the group makes.


In April this year (2020), the group’s first CD, “Y”,  is being released. Recorded and distributed internationally by Beppe Greppi, for the prestigious world music label Felmay, produced by the composers Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi for Creuza. With guest appearances by Marco Fadda in the rhythm section, and Rodolfo  Cervetto on drums.


The letter Y of the title is a coordinate, a variable, and in many cultures it is the letter that represents a rite, an initiation, the graphic for man, a symbol of elevation into the heavens; a metaphor with thousands of meanings.


Tina Omerzo

A pianist, singer, and composer, Tina was born in Slovenia, and studied the piano at the State Music School in Koper, under the tuition of Nadia Zerjal, who quickly introduced her  to studying not only classical music, but also contemporary improvisation. She graduated in 1992 and then moved to Lubiana, where she continued her studies in jazz piano music.


After having moved to Genova in 1998, Tina won a scholarship from the European Community, which enabled her to perfect her studies in improvisation and jazz composition, in Siena. In 2006, she, with the trio Istralia, won the “Emerging Jazz in Liguria” contest and this enabled her to record her first CD of original composions. In 2008, she won the MAD jury’s special award for “Best interpreter and musician”. Tina’s artistic creativity is influenced by her wide musical experience, ranging from jazz, to ethnic, to classical. Throughout her musical journey, she has collaborated with, amongst others: Echo Art, Simona Barbera, Roy Paci, and Gnawa in the project “Sicily!”.  In 2010, “Druga Sila”, a disc in which Tina composed all the music to the lyrics of Mojca Maljevac, was selected and produced by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture, and received excellent critical reviews.


Discography: “Istralia” (2006), “Intima” (Goga 2007), “Druga Sila” (Sanje 2010), and “Improvvisamente” Giua (Egea 2016).

Edmondo Romano

A Master of wind instruments, and composer, Edmondo has worked for 30 years in the spheres of experimental music, folk, ethnic, world, minimalist, soundtracks and more. Perfecting his use of instruments from diverse cultures and musical expressions; he plays numerous wind instruments.


Edmondo has played on, and composed, innumerable film soundtracks (in collaboration with Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi); he has set poetry readings to music for, amongst others, Adonis, Fernanda Pivano, Maurizio Maggiani, Don Andrea Gallo, Ugo Volli; he has composed the music for many theatre productions, including performances, since 1985, by Laura Curino, Lina Sastri, Laura Sicignano, to name but a few; he has also composed for television. Edmondo has performed at major world music festivals in Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Russia, Brazil, Germany, and Japan. His training ranges from singer songwriter, to progressive rock, from experimental music to folk, and beyond, studying alongside numerous musicians, amongst whom are: Vittorio De Scalzi, Mauro Pagani, Picchio dal Pozzo, Mario Arcari, Ares Tavolazzi, Antonio Marangolo, Ingrid Chavez, Yo Yo Mundi, Armando Corsi, Tony Esposito, Marco Beasley, Marco Fadda, Elias Nardi, Max Manfredi, Arup Kanti Das, Filippo Gambetta, Maurizio Martinotti, Franco Lucà, Roberta Alloisio.


Edmondo has worked on more than 120 albums, with some or the most important  record labels in the worlds of ethno-folk, progressive, and world d’Italia (Le Vijà, Orchestra TradAlp, Picchio dal Pozzo, Charta De Mar, Comunn Mor, Fabio Zuffanti, Hostsonate, and others). His personal recordings, on which have appeared the likes of Eris Pluvia, Avarta, Orchestra Bailam, and Ancient veil, have received critical international acclaim.


Artistic curator and composor for the theatre company “Compagnia Teatro Nudo” with which Edmondo does a great deal of work, includin as director since 2006. As a  soloist ha has recorded: “Sonno Eliso”(2012); “Missive Archetipe”(2014); and “Cabit, Unico Figlio”(2017), which is based on Ligurian Christmas tradition and was recognised as one of the top ten world music/traditional discs of that year.


In 2020, Edmondo composed and performed live the music for the theatre Stabile di Catania’s production of “Antigone”, which ran for some 120 performances, throughout Italy.  He also composed and performed live the music for “Le Baccanti”.


Artistic producer for the majority of his own CDs, Edmondo in handles all the technical elements and the graphics; he also produces videos in his Home Studio.


Edmondo write articles on music and book reviews, for the music magazine rock progressive (MAT2020).

Luca Falomi

Guitarist and composer, Luca took his first steps into music at just six years old. While following his accademic studies in classical guitar, he soon discovered jazz and improvisation, and so set out on a path which lead him to deepening his understanding of the various languages and genres of music.


He attended a masterclass of international artists, who inspired in him a broader vision of music and his instrument. His interest in tone lead him to experiment with acoustic, electric, and ethnic stringed instruments.


His musical activities see him involved both in studio work and live performances, in projects of diverse musical genres: jazz, world music, original composition, experimental and contemporary music. In 2011, he released his first album, “Viens Voir”, followed, in 2014, by “Sober”, which was produced in collaboration with Marco Canepa, a very experienced sound engineer and record producer. Sober is an album of compositions characterised by cinematographic and evocative melodies, which blends world music, jazz and avantguard music. This album also gave life to the Esperando live project; an acoustic trio with double bass player Riccardo Barbera and drummer Rodolfo Cervetto, which creates original material interweaving diverse musical languages in jazz keys.

As a guitarist, arranger, and composer, he has been part of various projects: recording albums, live concerts and theatrical performances, in collaboration with: William Naraine, Petra Magoni, Ferruccio Spinetti, Franca Masu, Francesco Baccini, Hannah Scott, Fausto Beccalossi, Alberto Fortis, Lukas Mantel, Marco Fadda, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Michela Lombardi, Mario Arcari, David Clayton, Gino Paoli, Roberto Freak Antoni, Armando Corsi, Stephane Casalta, Nicola Stilo, Max Manfredi, Roberta Alloisio and Giulia Ottonello.


Loris Lombardo darabouka, hand drum, tabla, kanjira, doholla, cajon, pandiero


Loris graduated with honours in Classical Percussion, at the G F Ghedini Conservatory, Cuneo. He studied drumming at NAM, under the tuition of Tullio De Piscopo, at the Soncino Percussion Academy, and the Ultimate Drum Experience in London; following which he dedicated himself to studying Indian, Turkish, and Middle Eastern, percussion, as well as percussion with roots in every tradition in the world. Winner of the World Drum Contest 2011, and of Percfest 2012, Loris has written the first manual for the handpan/hang (book + DVD).


His collaborations include working with: Andrea Braido, Orchestra della Magna Grecia. As a soloist, he has worked with: the singer Simona Molinari, Antonio Marangolo, Clara Moroni (Vasco Rossi), Beppe Gambetta, Carlo Aonzo, Marlene Kuntz, and Richard Barbieri.

General informations

Motus Laevus  Y
Label Felmay Records

Catalog Number fy 8270

Barcode 885016827021

Genre World Music/Jazz

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  1. Smirneka (Greek/Turkish Trad.) 8.46
  2. Nekaj je na tebi (T.Omerzo/M.Maljevac) 6.21
  3. Gream paralele (Croatian Trad.) 2.46
  4. 3 days ago (T.Omerzo) 7.26
  5. A call for the winds (T.Omerzo) 5.55
  6. Novembre (L.Falomi/M.Canepa) 7.24
  7. Shanfara (E.Romano) 6.09