Carujazz is a project that grew out of the classrooms of the Genoa Conservatory, from a  collaboration between four musicians, all jazz graduates and students, coming from different backgrounds, but united in the desire to fuse and imbue the traditional jazz of standards with the genres and styles that have made incarnate later Black Music: funk, soul, fusion, and a pinch of latin and rock.

The collaboration turned into friendship, which has been consolidated during evenings spent together in the bars and the narrow streets (“caruggi”) which constitute the pulsating heart of Genoa’s historic centre.  It is from here that the band took its name, the spirit of which fully reflects the cultural melting pot which chracterises the life of the Genoese “caruggi”; a hybrid music, that mixes reworkings of classic funk from the Real Book with re-interpretaions of well-known jazzy rock songs, producing original pieces which are atomospheric and evocative.

A stimulating concert, with great energy and groove, in which you perceive the mutual understanding and interplay that unites the quartet, and in which moments of improvisation interweave with careful and original arrangements, rendering the repertoire enjoyable for both  enthusiatic fans and newcomers alike.

Sunday 21st July, 7pm, Piazza Giustiniani

Concerto gratis.