Orchestra Cajon


Orchestra Cajon is a percussion orchestra made up of about thirty members.  Created in Genoa in 2012, the fruit of an idea of Marika Pellegrini and Marco Fadda to establish  a workshop that is open to everyone, without barriers of stereotype or technique, in which the participants play an instrument by means of live, and collective musical experience, without the need for specific training.

The soul of the orchestra is the cajón (literally “wooden house”), a percussion instrument as simple as it is genial, a symbol of Afro-peruvian music and traditional culture, which was popular in the 1970s, first in Spain with flamenco, then throughout the world.

Orchestra Cajón, thanks to the support of Nicola Ostrogovich on guitar, Giuseppe Parello on bass and others who lend their voice, including the chorus, present a very varied and enchanting repertoire which moves from original pieces a of very percussive matrix to covers of international artists, among which are: Santana, Lou Reed, Eva Aillon, Perú Negro, Steve Winwood, Blues Brothers, Weather Report, Paul Simon, The Beatles…

Tuesday 23rd July, 7pm, Piazza Negri

Concerto gratis