Unforgettable: Andy Sheppard, Furio Di Castri, Henry Cole, Marco Tindiglia


A project dedicated to the great songwriters of the 1900s and to some of their more important compositions, extracts from the history of musicals, popular music from the last century and unforgettable film soundtracks

A fitting hommage to the great songs that have entered our lives, that have “photographed” important moments and are stamped on our memories, like an intimate and touching soundtrack.

AN accurate rereading, at times: ironic, cross-sectional and vaguely transgressive.  In order to remind us, in a world which is conformist and in which popular culture gets lost in a labyrinth of featureless  propositions, which are often superfluous, that music becomes unforgettable only when it manages to make a small scratch on our souls.

Sunday 28 July, at 9:30pm, in Piazza delle Feste, Porto Antico 

Ticket Office opens at 8:15pm

Andy Sheppard  sax

Furio Di Castri – double bass

Henry Cole – drums

Marco Tindiglia – guitar

A single ticket costs 18 €, a season ticket for all four evenings costs 50 €.

Tickets are available on-line at HAPPY TICKET here

Season ticket for all four evenings availaable on-line at HAPPY TICKET here