Trilok Gurtu + Unigezz Big Band


Blending Western and Indian techniques, Gurtu has developed an unmistakable style and sound which, since the mid 1980s, has helped him to dominate the rankings of popular percussionists. Trilok Gurtu continues to define, and redefine, his position among the great innovators of all time, of percussive art. His ‘drumming’ and his composing style are universal and personal, and are stoked by great love and rigorous discipline. Playing on his knees, his set does not include a bass drum; this is substituted by a small tom, which is fitted with a trigger that reproduces the same sound. The part which is usually played by the right foot, is entrusted entirely to Gurtu’s left hand.

In order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his most famous album Talking Tabla, he has been performing, since 2016,  incredible solo events, in which the audience have the extraordinary, opportunity to discuss his vision of music directly with him, and to better understand his composing techniques. Don’t miss it, go and you’ll say, “… I was there!”

Saturday 27th July 2019, at 9:30pm, Piazza delle Feste, Porto Antico 

Ticket Office opens at 8:15pm

Trilok Gurtu  percussion

A single ticket costs 18 €, a season ticket for all four evenings costs 50 €.

Tickets are available on-line at HAPPY TICKET here

Season ticket for all four evenings availaable on-line at HAPPY TICKET here