Jakob Bro Trio


Jakob Bro Trio

The Jakob Bro Trio, along with two kindred spirit Americans – the bass player Thomas Morgan and the drummer Joey Baron.

Following on from the 2016 ablum “Streams” is “Bay of Rainbows”, an album recorded live at The Jazz Standard, New York. This album rolls on a wave of contemplative emotions, with progressively enchanting lyricism.  The three musicians explore five pieces of Jakob Bro’s catalogue of guitar music, among which is “Copenhagen”, a favourite reworking from Gefion – the 2015 MC album produced with Morgan and the drummer Jon Christensen. The new recording is made up of two versions of “Mild”. Rich in melody, the second representation extracts from both Bro’s and the groups talent for pushing and pulling music to new hypnotic forms, both on the stage and in the moment.

“It might seem strange to people, but we three never talk about our music, not even a conversation about intro’s or outros, or where the solos should be”, explains the guitarist. “It all happens on stage. We have this shared desire to truly listen to each other, to let the music breathe while we see where we can go, moment by moment. Thomas might start something, and Joey responds – and then when I come in, I have to adapt the way I play the tune in order to echo what they are doing.

As far as his mode of playing is concerned, Bro says that live performances allow him to, “.. dice che le esibizioni dal vivo gli consentono di “get to the heart of what I can truly do with my instrument”.

“I have always wished to create the type of music that I would want to listen to, and I can be attracted by a certain meditative quality.  I love albums which sustain a mood, beit like Brian Eno or di John Coltrane, and I realise now that it’s a real challenge to do that live, in order to create an atmosphere and maintain it,  especially while you explore – you don’t want to lose the essence of a tune; for me, that essence always derives from an emotion, something that I hope will reach the listener.”

Thursday 25th July 2019, at 9:30pm, Piazza delle Feste, Porto Antico 

Ticket Office opens at 8:15pm

Jacob Bro  guitar
Thomas Morgan   double base
Joey Baron –  drums

A single ticket costs 18 €, a season ticket for all four evenings costs 50 €.

Tickets are available on-line at HAPPY TICKET here

Season ticket for all four evenings availaable on-line at HAPPY TICKET here