Ha Noi

15th July 2017 – Ha Noi! – Nguyên Lê / Ngô Hồng Quang

Castello d’Albertis / Museo delle Culture del Mondo

Genoa – h. 9:00 p.m.

Is it Vietnamese, Jazz, Traditional, Blues, African, Indian, written or improvised ? Like threads of silk, cultures from yesterday & today weave a complex & diverse beauty. Complex & diverse like Life, like the country of Vietnam, with its millennial roots, its tormented past and future full of hope.

This duo was born in the meeting of two Vietnamese musicians who were raised with very different paths yet who share common goals : expressing & sharing with the world the soul of Vietnam, and bringing together the roots and the future of Vietnamese music. Vietnam is evolving so fast & so brilliantly, its population is full of youth & curiosity, starving to learn everything possible from the West. While others don’t forget about the past. This album would like to be the witness of those paradoxes. It shows the diversity of what Vietnamese music can be today. And like the country, this album wants to be colorful, plural and moving. Its aim is to raise questions, to excite the ear as well as the intellect, and to capture the listener’s soul towards the path of Vietnam.

 In the Hà Nôi Duo, each identity stays strong & unique and while soaking up it enriches itself with an intricate subtlety which raises numerous questions.

This concert is organized by:
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